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Speedtronic Mark V HMI Maintenance course

Description:The 5-day advanced course is designed for instrument personnel involved in the daily maintenance of the Mark V control systems and HMI. The course will enable Instrument techniciens/Engineers to configure HMI displays and confidently, manipulate HMI software tools as well as diagnose problems in Gas Turbine SPEEDTRONIC Mark V Control Systems. The course is designed to provide a solid background in turbine governing systems. Participants increase their skills in HMI features, configuration and troubleshooting.

Course Duration: 5.0 Days

Course Outline:

Overview of HMI documentation and reference manual

  • Function, Interpretation and Use

Comparing (I) and (HMI) features

(HMI) Displays:
Screen Configuration, Demand Displays

Alarm Management: Process ,Diagnostics & Systems

Introduction to Cimplicity features used in HMI

TCI: Turbine control Interface

HMI Configuration. (HMI) directory / File structure

Operator Interface (HMI)

  • Operation
  • Data retrieval
  • Display modification: CimEdit

Configuration of HMI screens

Software Tools:

  • Control Constants
  • Modifying and Downloading control configuration
  • Sequencing exercises
  • Mark V Studio: Troubleshooting using Dynamic Control Sequence program
  • WINPLOT (Trends etc.)
  • Data acquisition on Mark V interface
  • Software backup

Troubleshooting exercises(Fault Finding,Sequencing Configuring a PC into an HMI

Calibration Procedures for SRV, IGV, IGV (Manual and Auto)

Review of Overall System Operation

  • Practical Exercises

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Our goal is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date training available. Proper maintenance and training have been proven to be two factors which can guarantee a higher return. We at CTS can assist you in both areas. We provide our customers with on-site training which can be scheduled at your convenience. In addition, we are able to provide assistance with your maintenance/training plan to insure you get the kind of training you need.