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Power Generation Commissioning, Operation and Maintenance

Description: Power generation is fundamental to providing an adequate supply of electricity to consumers, both in terms of quality and quantity. This requires the generation equipment to be designed, installed, commissioned, operated, and maintained in a satisfactory manner within a management system that is effective in meeting the reliability goals within budget targets. This course focuses on the operation, commissioning, and maintenance of power generation equipment and the auxiliary equipment necessary for its operation.

Course Duration: 5.0 Days

Course Outline:

Introduction to Voltage Regulation:

  • Goals – discussion
  • Details of design and construction
  • Introduction to voltage regulation
  • Generator capability
  • AVR operation
  • Protection within the AVR
  • Commissioning of the AVR

Generator Protection:

  • Neutral earthing type and control
  • Current and voltage transformers
  • Protection requirements and operation
  • Protection setting guidelines and discrimination with other devices
  • Secondary injection testing
  • Protection system commissioning

Generator Commissioning and maintenance:

  • Synchronising
  • Generator pre commissioning activities
  • Torque settings of busbar joints
  • Generator commissioning and running tests
  • Calculation of temperature rise
  • Synchronising commissioning
  • Generator maintenance
  • Wrap up session

System Operation:

  • Single and parallel operation
  • Black start and standby systems
  • Power management systems and load sharing techniques
  • Power system stabilisation – an introduction

Safety and Emergency situations:

  • Safety
  • Risk assessment and reduction
  • Production and use of suitable method statements
  • Safe systems of work and safety documents
  • Isolation of equipment and proving dead
  • Application of systems earths and local earths
  • Safe working distances from live equipment
  • Discharge of stored energy
  • Safe access and egress
  • Assessing competency
  • Selection of equipment
  • Live working

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