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Mark IV Speedtronic Maintenance

Course Duration: 10.0 Days

Course Outline:

Mark IV Speedtronic Control Principles – Level 1

  • Introduction to Mark IV Terminology
  • Hardware
  • Elementary Diagrams and Control
  • Specifications
  • System Support Software
  • Mark IV Processor Structure

Mark IV Speedtronic Control Principles – Level 2

  • Sequencing Function
  • Control Algorithm Representation
  • Control Application Software
  • Liquid Fuel Control System
  • Gas Fuel Control System

Mark IV Speedtronic Control Sequencing

  • On-Base Permissive Signals
  • Input Signals
  • Control System Sequencing

Mark IV Speedtronic Control Calibration

  • Introduction
  • Speed Control Calibration
  • Temperature Control Calibration
  • Start Up/Shutdown Control
  • Gas Fuel Control
  • IGV Control
  • Protection

Mark IV Speedtronic Control Troubleshooting

  • Introduction
  • Recommended Practices
  • Installation Procedures
  • Troubleshooting
  • Diagnostic Fault Techniques
  • Hardware Test
  • Using CRT Display

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Our goal is to provide our customers with the most up-to-date training available. Proper maintenance and training have been proven to be two factors which can guarantee a higher return. We at CTS can assist you in both areas. We provide our customers with on-site training which can be scheduled at your convenience. In addition, we are able to provide assistance with your maintenance/training plan to insure you get the kind of training you need.