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Gas Turbine Generator Control

Course Duration:5.0 Days

Course Outline:

Generator Construction

  • Frame
  • Stator; core, winding, insulation
  • Rotor; core, winding, insulation
  • Bearings; lubrication, alignment

Protection Devices primary

  • Switchgear
  • Impedance
  • Neutral Earthing

Protection Devices Secondary

  • Field Failure
  • Negative Phase Sequence
  • Voltage Restrained Overcurrent
  • Rotor Earth Fault
  • Stator Earth Fault
  • Overall Protection

Philosophy of Voltage Regulation

  • Performance Chart
  • Vee Curves
  • ¬†Automatic Voltage Regulation
  • Manual Voltage Regulation

Excitation Systems

  • Brushless Excitation systems
  • Static Excitation systems

Manual Voltage Regulation

  • Over/Under excitation limits
  • Stability limit

Automatic Voltage Regulation

  • Over/Under Excitation Limits
  • Stability Limit
  • Constant Power Factor Control
  • Constant Power Control

Synchronising Systems

  • Manual
  • Automatic, Mark Five capability
  • Switchgear

The Synchronous Compensator

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